Using a Sewing Pattern Correctly and Make Your Top

So if you are new dressmaking and now you treat yourself with the first ever sewing pattern. So, what you do with it. Start from cutting and combine those pieces, to understand more about the markings and showing how much fabric that you want to buy, then there are some guides to help you. Even you can download Top Pattern Sewing Free.

How to use the sewing pattern

Before you start – preparing your fabric and cut out the pattern correctly was so important as the actual sewing as well. always washing your fabric before you start since the fabric might shrink and run, so it is better to avoid that thing before you cut out and sew it.

Prepare your pattern –  there are so many patterns along with many options for different results. So, it’s better to read the instruction sheet to find out which pieces you need. Cut out all these pieces outside the lines since this way is easier.

Cutting out your pattern – choose your size by using the measurement and your size chart as well. you might have different patterns for different measurements as well. ensure that you follow the instructions to join those pieces.

Fatima Alaina

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