Tips Sewing Knitting Project Bags with Easy Steps

The knitters always have the ongoing projects and it is very helpful to keep your projects inside your tote-bag. This simple bag project will keep your work stay clean and safe while allowing you to bring your new projects when you are on the go. The snaps in the top part will keep your items inside, however, they also make it possible to pull off the yarn as you working. Even you can slip your hand through the start and just let the bag hang in your wrist as you knit. You can make your own Sewing Knitting Project Bags.

Sew your bag pieces

You are able to combine the top and bottom pieces together in the right sides and just press the seam open. You can repeat with the tip and bottom pieces. You can fold the start in half and put it in the side of the outside piece. You can place it so that the ends of the strap will be next to each other and aligned at the end of the fabric. Placing the second outside piece on the tip with the right sides together. For the extra security, then you might want to do backstitch through the straps. You can look for Sewing Knitting Project Bags samples.

Fatima Alaina

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