Techniques and Tips for Your Hand Sewing Projects

There are a billion reasons to gather with sewing people anytime possible and you might find the new one. If you love to do a lot of hand-sewing projects then most of these hacks come in very handy and can be used as a reference for your Hand Sewing Projects Clothes. This is not a comprehensive list in any mean, hopefully, there might be a technique that would be new for you.

So, how to tie the know?

When you are kid, you might learn to make knots in the thread by doubling at the end of the thread, then you just tie it in the knot. So, it was pretty complicated and not that elegant. However, there are other methods that only take you 3 seconds. Firstly, you need to loop the end of the thread in your finger 2 times. Then slowly push the looped thread in your finger using the pad of your thumb. Next, pull off the looped section of your finger and pull it into the Knot

Tips to thread the needle without need to trim the thread

Basically, fold the thread into half over the needle and you can make the sharp point and use it to thread your needle. Small hacks can help you for Hand Sewing Projects Clothes.

Fatima Alaina

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