Simple Sewing Scarf Patterns with Lightweight Fabric

You have seen that you run out the wardrobe space and just get the ultimatum from the mighty and high at home. However, the scarf is so beautiful and cute at the same time. It is pretty addictive as well. It’s also an excuse that it does not much space. The scarves at the store have the beauty and variety which might sound possible to replicate. After all. they just a piece of fabric which been cut off, Even you can make it at home. There are some Sewing Scarf Pattern samples that you can use as a reference.

You can choose a lightweight fabric

This is very important. The fabric with polyester was too hot to be worn on your neck during the summer season. You can choose the cotton voile and rayon challis for your summer apparel. The light cotton such as batiste as your best option a swell.

Cut it into the right size

If you have picked your fabric, then you can cut it into the rectangle. For the silk gauze pictured above was around 41” wide which is a perfect width for the summer scarf. If you love the long scarf, then you can start to make your scarf in 63” or even 72” long. You can choose your best Sewing Scarf Pattern.

Fatima Alaina

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