Simple DIY Projects to Make DIY Sewing Project for Beginners

Do you want to create DIY sewing projects but you are new in this field? Well, these following DIY sewing project for beginners will provide you with a bunch of ideas.

#1. Petal Handbag with Dresden Design

If you have unused scrap fabrics at home with petal designs, you can try to make this handbag. Just cut the scraps into large quarters and then gather them. You will get a cute petal handbag as a result.

#2. DIY Jar Covers

These projects will be perfect the most for beginners. You can put these sewn fabrics on top of your jar lids. Add a sweet ribbon tie to make it more adorable.

#3. Birthday Banners

You can also challenge your skills in sewing by creating these birthday banners. Not only easy to make but the banners can become perfect birthday decoration ideas with low budget.

#4. DIY Cord Keeper

Often get difficulties to keep your cables tidy? Sew something to help you keep them neat and organized will be a great solution. This handy cor keeper is simple and easy to make.

#5. Fabric Flower Pin

You can make your clothes or bags more eye-catching by adding a fabric flower pin on them. All you need is just a button and scraps fabrics. They are used to cover the button and make some petals.

Fatima Alaina

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