Make a DIY Roll-Up Sewing Knitting Needle Case

A roll-up Sewing Knitting Needle Case is a very simple sewing project and its a great way to store needles in one compact place. It makes a great gift for a friend who loves knits as well, especially if you include some pretty needles. You can make this case with 24 pockets for different needles in different length as well. or you just customize with more or fewer pockets based on your need. Once filled, it is very easy to roll up and ties it with the pretty ribbon.

Sew your roll up the knitting needle case

You can start from the tip, sew around the rectangle with the seam allowance in 3/8”. So you can backstitch in the beginning and the end of your sewing, you have to leave around 4” opening for turning it right. You need to cut out the pieces in order to reduce the fabric bulk, but you have to be careful not to cut those stitches. Turn out the case on the right side and pike the corners by using the middle knitting needle. You can start to remove the pins from the center of your area. there are many ideas to make your gorgeous Sewing Knitting Needle Case.

Fatima Alaina

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