How to Make Your Own Dress in Easy Steps

Are you tempted to make your own dress pattern sewing? Well, just follow the steps below!
#1. Select Fabric and Pattern
The first thing you have to do is choosing your fabric and pattern. After that, you need to prepare your pattern which includes dress back, dress front, sleeves, as well as front and back neck facings.
#2. Cut the Fabric
Then cut your fabric. Make sure to place the pattern pieces on the fabric based on the instructions given.
#3. Mark and Sew Darts
If your pattern has darts, you need to sew them first. Mark the darts and then fold them. You can start stitching them from the edge of the fabric to the point after that.
#4. Stitch the Back Zipper
A good tip to remember is stitching the back zipper first before you gather the front and back part of your dress and sew them.
#5. Sew the Seams of the Shoulders
The next step is joining the front and back dress by sewing them together at the shoulders. Then, prepare for the neckline facings and attach them.
#6. Sew the Side Seams
Then, sew the dress’ side seams by following the allowance. Then, prepare the armhole facings of the dress and attach them.

Fatima Alaina

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