How to Make DIY Potholders Sewing

Either it is used in your own kitchen or as a sweet gift for family and friends, handmade potholders always become a simple but valuable item. Follow this step-by-step guide to make simple DIY potholders sewing.

What You Need

The materials you need to make the potholders include 100% thick cotton fabric, old terry cloth towel made of cotton, ribbon, and pin. You will also need something to mark the fabric and a sewing machine. You also need iron, measuring, and cutting stuff.

How to Make

To make the potholders, here are the steps

  1. Create Loop Tip

Trim off the hem of the tea towel to make the loop.

  1. Assembling

Put one of the fabric square right sides up on the potholder’s surface. Attach the corners of the loop by using a pin. Then, place another fabric square on top of it. In this way, the sides can be gathered. Put the towel square on top of those fabrics.

  1. Sewing

Sew the potholder with the terrycloth sides up. You can begin from the lower marking of the backstitch and the opening. Then, trim and turn them.

  1. Pressing

Now, press the potholders by opening the folding. And then sew them again.

Fatima Alaina

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