Easy sewing DIY projects under 30 minutes

What sewing DIY projects you can finish on 30 minutes or less? Here are things that you can make so easy and can be done for a beginner in fast with your sewing machine.

The first idea is to make summertime pocket placemats. This is the perfect placemat that will not only make your table look nicer and beautiful but also prevent it from tears and damage due to hot plate or drink. The next idea is to make an easy pillowcase. Make your sofa cushions colorful and delight with the mix of pillowcase that you make on your own. It is authentic and you can show it to your guest your skill on sewing well.

Next idea is very useful if you have little kids that always play on the floor, you may love this kid’s play mat. This kid’s play mat is made from the flannel material and colorful. You can make different sizes depending on your kid’s age. The mat will make your kids warm and comfortable while they are playing on the floor. Always bring a pillow when traveling in cars but it too large? Then you can sew this seat belt pillow. This seat belt pillow is tied into your seat belt and it is functioning well as a pillow and bolster.

Fatima Alaina

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