Easy Guides for Bralette Sewing Pattern

Brallete Tops are so popular across the online shops. This is a fashionable alternative for the simple shirt and tops along with a simple blouse. You just need to get out of your comfort zone, but it can change you into the fashionista instantly. Choosing your best Bralette Sewing Pattern. You should know that there are many types of bralette tops, such as one with strapless bralettes, lace bralettes and so on.

So, how to make a good bralette top?

You can use the stretch velvet to make this bralette. You are able to create the muslin first to see how it fits and make a needed change.

  • Prepare your bralette patterns, there are so many many bralette patterns that you can download online and use them as your best reference.
  • Start to cut off the pattern pieces
  • You need to cut the lining pieces
  • Make two straps for your bralette around 1,5 inch wide and 11 inches long
  • You can fold the facing to the back and you are able to use the hand sewing needle and follow the pattern.
  • You can start to sew the side seams of your bralette. If you want to sew with the non-stretchy fabric, then consider using a zip.

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