DIY Sewing Patterns Step-by-Steps for Newbies

Starting to make your own dress? Look no further! This is a list of DIY sewing patterns step-by-step you can follow. Just prepare a t-shirt, large paper, measuring tape, a ruler, pen, pencil, and scissors.

Create the Bodice

For the first step, you need to make the bodice. You can do it by drawing the pattern on a large paper. Make sure that you accurately measure yourself from your shoulders to your chest. Then, you can move to the sleeve areas and neckline.

Create the Skirt

Draw a trapezoid shape with the length of your choice. However, just make sure that the length of the top side fits the one on the bottom. It should be the top length that is plus ½. You also need to remember that the bottom should be a bit round.

Transfer the Pattern into Fabric

Now, this is time to transfer the pattern you make into the fabric. First, you have to put the patterns on fabric. Make sure that you provide enough allowance for hem and seams. Be sure to cut on fold two times when you intend to cut the fleece for the sleeves. Join the pieces of the cut fabric together and sew them.

Fatima Alaina

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