Blanket Sewing Patterns for Your Baby

As new parents, there is nothing more adorable than a lovely handmade blanket you make yourself as a gift for them. To get you inspired, here are some baby blanket sewing patterns you should put into consideration.

#1. Lovely Double-Sided Baby Blanket

A single-sided baby blanket is lovely, but not too lovely. Why make it single-sided if you can make double-sided instead? This blanket utilizes cozy fleece fabrics with two different types. It is not only soft but also shows some contrasts too.

#2. DIY Colorful Bunny Blanket

What is more lovely than adding bunny character on a baby blanket? This blanket comes with a complete bunny character include the embroidered face, little hands to hold, and two ears. The pattern and contrast colors make the blanket more adorable.

#3. Handmade Flannel and Fleece Blanket

This is another double-sided baby blanket to inspire you. The blanket uses a combination of flannel and fleece fabrics. The flannel used will make the blanket feels warmer and soft.

#4. Flannel and Cuddle Baby Blanket

Are you a fan of a double-sided blanket? This flannel and cuddle baby blanket is worthy to try. The combination of the two fabrics will make your baby feels cozy when you wrap him with it.

Fatima Alaina

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