Best Handmade Sewing Hats Pattern Women for Every Season

From classical to sporty, hats for women are must-have accessories. These following sewing hats pattern women are quick projects and easy to make.

#1. Ponytail Hat

With this hat, you will no need to mess up your ponytail. There is a hole made in the hat to allow your ponytail out. In addition, the hat is also reversible since it is closed with snaps.

#2. DIY Funnel Hat

You might have seen this hat in classic movies such as Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Yep! This hat comes with a classic look but yet, it is not old-fashioned at all. This hat is not only stylish but also practical and it will be suitable for sunny days.

#3. Foldable Hat

Do you need a hat that you can easily store in a bag? This foldable hat will be the perfect option. The hat comes with a contrast topstitching which is combined with a neon lining.

#4. Wool Beanie Hat

The great thing about this hat is that you can make it from your old sweater. All you need to do is just sew it by using a four-thread overlock seam. You can also use a zigzag stitch to make it.

#5. Flat Cap Top

This stylish hat features different fabrics. You can make it a statement fashion item by using material such as a black velvet for the entire cap.

Fatima Alaina

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