Best Christmas Sewing Patterns Gift to Try at Home

Need gift inspiration for your family and friends for next Christmas? Why not trying sewing patterns with Christmas themes? Here are a bunch of Christmas sewing patterns gift ideas to get you inspired.

#1. Cute Fabric Gift Tags

Instead of using papers to wrap your gifts, using handmade gift tags can be a good alternative. It will help you to give a personal touch to the gift. The pattern is simple but looks great with the extra stitching added.

#2. Drawstring Gift Bag with Retro Sewing Pattern

The retro theme is never out of date. You can use this bag with retro sewing pattern to replace paper gift wrap. Not only more beautiful but the fabric drawstring bag is will add a personal touch to the gift given.

#3. Handmade Elf on the Shelf Dolls

There is no better gift given to a little girl than a doll. You can create handmade elf on the shelf dolls in both a girl and a boy version. In addition, the sewed elf on the shelf dolls is huggable. With sweet accessories added such as a patchwork bag and apron will make them more adorable.

#4. Simple Pocket Advent Calendars

The items are not only classic but they can come in all sizes, shapes, and types. Creating advent calendars by using sewing patterns will be one of the perfect gifts for this Christmas.

Fatima Alaina

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