Best and Simple Quilt Patterns to Make Quilting Projects Free

Quilting always becomes the first choice when people want to make a cozy blanket. If you are interested in the idea to make your own blanket, here are are some best quilting projects free to try.

#1. The Half Square Quilt Pattern

If you have already mastered the square quilt pattern, you can try the more challenging one. This quilt combines squares and triangle patterns altogether. The combination creates an elegant pattern for a cozy blanket.

#2. The Rail Fence Quilt Pattern

If you have a lot of fabric strips at home, you can make the more “quilty” with this rail fence pattern. This classic pattern comes with square shapes that are flipped. As a result, they can create a variety of effects and make the quilt more colorful.

#3. The Pinwheel Quilt

If you have mastered the half square quilt, you can step further with the pinwheel quilt. This pattern is simple and all you need to do is arrange the half squares into pinwheels.

#4. The Chevron Quilt

Chevron pattern might look complicated but it is adorable. The pattern uses strip fabrics that are sewn together. Then, the strips are flipped diagonally. This Chevron quilt is really easy and simple to make.

Fatima Alaina

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