Awesome Kids Patterns Sewing Free Children for Every Occasion

Do you need some inspiration to make DIY clothes for your kids? Just take a look at the following kids patterns sewing free children. They are simple and easy to make.

#1. DIY Fleece Robe

You can create this fleece rob to help you keep your little ones warm on a cold evening. The robe is made of comfortable fleeces with a simple pattern. This wardrobe fits size 3 up to 8.

#2. Floral Skater Skirt

If you don’t like the floral pattern, you can change it with the one you prefer the most. But, no matter what fleece pattern you choose, you must admit that this skater skirt is absolutely adorable. This skirt comes with a circle shape that will look perfect for a little girl.

#3. Fall Sweater Skirt

This skirt is made of an old sweater. It is very simple and the sewing process even can be completed just within thirty minutes. This is one of the best ways you can do to upcycle your old sweater.

#4. Simple Skirt Free Pattern

Give your little girl a different look with this comfortable and light skirt. The simple design of the skirt will make your girl looks more adorable. Pick up fleece with more than one color to strengthen the effect.

Fatima Alaina

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